Hey folks, here are 4 MP3’s that Mike Dunthorn and I recorded this Christmas. I make no claims as to the musical quality. And, Tipper Gore requires me to tell you that I say sh*t and f#ck in these songs, so listen at your own risk

Crazy Tractor -  an interesting cover of the Ozzy Osbourne hit "Crazy train".

Big Beige Bag 2001   - an original from the Purdue days. Lyrics by Chris Baron and myself with lots of help from various members of space group and from copious quantities of Bud Light.

A-bomb in the bathroom   - this song started out as a poem by Mike Dunthorn that he wrote in high school. The music started life as the "Motley Song" when I was in high school. It has morphed considerably.

Breakfast at Yoda’s -  an amusing cover of the Deep Blue Something song  "Breakfast at Tiffany’s". Additional lyric credits to Phil Chou and Eric Zuckerman.