Chi-Kwong Li, Department of Mathematics

Research Advising

My research specialty is on operator theory, matrix theory, combinatorial theory, and their applications such as numerical analysis, mathematical biology, quantum computing, economics, etc. In addition, I have a wide range of interests in mathematics including mathematical education. I am happy to do research with graduate and undergraduate students.

You may vist my publication list to see my joint papers with graduate and undergraduate students If the papers do not make sense to you, you are welcome to e-mail me or make an appointment with me to discuss possible projects.

Graduate advising

I can do Ph.D. advsing under the Applied Science Department at William and Mary, or do joint supervision of graduate students at other universities under appropriate arrangments. Visit the webpage of Applied Science for application deadlines and procedures.

Here is a list of my former graduate students.

Honors projects and undergraduate research projects

I am happy to supervise undergraduate research projects in various topics in the format of Honors projects and REU projects during the regular semester or winter break, or summer research projects supported by NSF REU program at William and Mary or any other summer research grants such as the Wilson Interdisciplinary Fellowship.

In the past, I have conducted undergraduate research projects on matrix theory, coding theory, game theory, combinatorial theory. Here is a list of my former students.

REU Projects

Honors Projects Wilson Interdisciplinary Research Projects

Some sample research problems.

Numerical ranges and applications

Matrix inequalities Isometry and preserver problems Combinatorial matrix theory Positive (linear) maps Applications

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